Being successful again it was time for another LP, named after the single, released in the UK in November 63, entered the New Musical Express Charts on November 16th, went up to no. 3 and stayed in the charts for 12 weeks. (It made no. 5 on Record Retailer and stayed 13weeks).
1. Sugar & Spice (Tony with Mike)
2. Don't You Know (Mike)
3. Some Other Guy (Tony, Mike and Chris)
4. One Of These Days (Mike)
5. Listen To Me (Tony, Mike and Chris)
6. Unhappy Girls (Mike)
7. Ain't That Just Like Me (Chris, Tony and Mike)
8. Oh My Lover (Tony)
9. Saints & Searchers (tony)
10. Cherry Stones (Tony and Mike)
11. All My Sorrows (Chris and Mike)
12. Hungry For Love (Tony)

Overview of the releases:
UK Pye Records NPL 18089 1963
Israel Top Hits TO 30086 1964
SA Parlophone PMJC 60 1964
SA Pye Teal PL 2018 1964
Australia Astor PLP 1124 1964
New Zealand Pye Records NPL 18089 1964
Ireland Pye Records NPL 18089 1963

right: from New Musical Express

American Section

Meet the Searchers / Needles & Pins (Kapp KL-1363 - mono- and KS-3363 - stereo - came out in the USA in March 1964 and contained 5 songs from the British LP with the same name. It went to no. 10 and stayed 16 weeks in the charts. The songs: A3 Oh My Lover B1 Ain't That Just Like Me B2 SomeOther Guy B5 Cherry Stones B6 Don't Cha Know  (True stereo, unavailable in Europe back then)


This Is Us came out in July 1964 and included A2 Unhappy Girls and A4 Hungry For Love. (Kapp KL 1409 - mono - and KS 3409 - stereo)

There was another release, a Kapp Little LP with six tracks. Side one included Hungry For Love. This LP was made for jukeboxes. Catalogue number and cover were taken from the regular LP. Below the A-Side with Hungry For Love and Inlays for jukeboxes.

left: LP from Taiwan, same tracks as the US LP.

Singles (except Sugar & Spice / Saints and Searchers which were recorded before the LP and then included.

Canada Ainít That Just Like Me   /   Iím Pretend Iím With You Pye Records PYE 735 1964  
US Needles And Pins   /   Ainít That Just Like Me Kapp Records K-577 and KJB 22     March 1964 and June 1964
US Ainít That Just Like Me   /   Ainít Gonna Kiss Ya Kapp Records K-584        Apr 64    reached no. 50
Japan Ainít That Just Like Me   /   Listen To Me Pye Records LL - 622 - Y 1964  
Germany Money   /   Hungry For Love Vogue DV 14111 1963  
Philippines All My Sorrows   /   Hungry For Love Pye Dyna Records PYE - 389 1965  
above: Japanese single above: Canadian pressing
far above: two different promo sleeves  
above: the regular sleeve of the the song. Soon Kapp substituted the B-Side. Saturday Night Out - the original
B-Side was taken and a picture cover was printed

below: two different pressings of Ain't That ... part of the Kapp


See Needles And Pins page

Winners Circle Series, June 1964

above and left: Gerrman single

EPs (Part One: All tracks taken from the LP)

UK Hungry For Love Hungry For Love Pye Records NEP 24184 1964
Aus   Donít Cha Know Astor PEP 022 1964
Israel   Oh My Lover Piccadilly NEP 24184 1964
NZ   Ainít That Just Like Me Pye Records NEP 24184 1964
SA     Pye Records PE 1005 1964

the UK EP entered the EP-Charts on February 27th, 1964, went to no. 4, stayed for 18 weeks and reentered the charts on July 9th for another week.Note the difference between the covers: far above is printed by Garrod, the one of the left above by Delta Press.The releases from the other countries listed about have all the same tracks and similar covers.

France Surfin' With The Searchers Unhappy Girl Vogue PNV 24112 1963
    Ain't That Just Like Me      
    Sugar And Spice      
    Saints And Searchers      
  Surf Encore ! Some Other Guy Vogue PNV 24114 1964
    Since You Broke My Heart      
    Don't You Know      
    Hungry For Love      

EPs (Part Two: Tracks taken from the LP mostly added to hits)

France Surfin ! Needles And Pins Vogue PNV 24118 1964
    One Of These Days      
    Saturday Night Out      
    Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya      
Sweden Needles And Pins Needles And Pins Pye Records NEP 5027 1964
    Saturday Night Out      
    Some Other Guy      
    Unhappy Girls      
  The Searchers Donít Throw Your Love Away Pye Records NEP 5031 1964
    Hungry For Love      
    I Pretend Iím With You      
    Donít Cha Know      
Spain Needles And Pins Needles And Pins Pye Records PYEP 2053 1964
    Saturday Night Out      
    Sugar And Spice      
    Saints And Searchers      
  Don't Throw Your Love Away Don't Throw Your Love Away Pye Records PYEP 2055 1964
    I Pretend I'm With You      
    Hungry For Love      
    Don't Cha Know      
Thailand released many EPs - some with four others with six tracks. Most of them were mentioned at the chapter Meet The Searchers. Above you can see one that wasn't included there with two tracks from the Sugar & Spice LP: Unhappy Girls and Hungry For Love.


Thailand Unhappy Girls Unhappy Girls no label T.S. 2476 1964
    Hungry For Love      
    Hi-Heel Sneakers      
    I Pretend I'm With You